Insurance investigation is the process of determining the cause of an insurance claim and verifying that a compensable loss has occurred. This process ensures no fraud, abuse, or misrepresentation is involved in applying for coverage after an event such as fire, theft, or natural disaster. Insurance investigators typically work for insurance companies and are required to investigate claims on assigned geographical areas. Their state’s Department of Insurance must license them to carry out this type of work. Learn information about Houston, TX.

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Insurance investigation is becoming more and more common. With the advent of technology, there are many new ways to obtain evidence used in an investigation. And with insurance fraud on the rise, investigators need to keep up with changes in how investigations take place and what types of evidence are needed for a successful resolution. Also, with the increase in social media, investigators can obtain information that was once unavailable. One of the essential tools an investigator has is knowledge. Understanding how insurance fraud works and knowing the different types of evidence used in an investigation are vital to a successful outcome. In addition, having good relationships with other law enforcement agencies and insurance companies can also help when conducting an investigation. The goal of any insurance investigation is to determine if there was fraud committed and, if so, identify those responsibly. Discover facts about What you need to know about an Insurance Investigation.