The Mobile Patrol Service is an off-duty and contract job offering mobile security and surveillance services to corporations and other organizations within cities and towns within the San Antonio, Texas, area. They provide off-duty security for company events and even at your home or place of business as part of their duty as a security provider. Most of these companies offer a wide range of surveillance equipment that can be used for indoor and outdoor surveillance, depending on the contract with the client. These companies also have an array of high-tech, portable surveillance cameras that can be utilized for both on-site and off-site surveillance. Further facts about San Antonio, TX can be found here.


If you are in San Antonio and are looking for a Mobile Patrol company, there are a couple of different choices. As a service to the community, mobile patrol units in San Antonio, Texas, provide citizens with reliable, professional surveillance services.  Each of these companies offers a mobile patrol service with varying levels of experience and equipment available. As with most things, there is more than one way to get the kind of security and surveillance service you want. These mobile units are typically marked by a marked cruiser and a van that have lights and sirens on board. The mobile patrol company sends officers to call individuals out of harm’s way if there is an emergency or a situation where safety is in jeopardy. Mobile officers can often spot individuals through the use of a thermal imaging device known as a thermal imaging camera.  Information about Services of Mobile Patrols in San Antonio, Texas – The Kind Security That You Should Look For can be found here.

Make sure to do your homework and research each of your choices to ensure that you choose the best Mobile Patrol Company for your needs. You will want a company that will offer you the highest quality equipment at affordable prices while allowing you to be assured of excellent customer service. This will be an investment in your safety and the safety of your family and friends.