There are numerous Unarmed Officers Services Companies in Fort Worth, Texas. These companies help police departments by providing a free-of-charge criminal record check and fingerprinting assistance to those who may be interested in serving their communities on a voluntary basis. Many of these same companies also conduct drug testing, offer assistance with eviction procedures, and are available for jail release upon request. These services are usually free to those who are interested in helping the community and upholding the law. Learn more facts here.


Because they have no legal authority to arrest citizens, many officers provide DUI/DWI assistance when they are out of town on vacation or leave the state to serve. Police departments also commonly hire officers who are not licensed by Texas to serve as peace officers. Licensed peace officers have a much higher level of responsibility than those who are not licensed and can only be given a non-lethal weapon or firearm and cannot carry a weapon without obtaining special license authorizations from Texas. Read about Specialized Unarmed Officers Services in Fort Worth, Texas here.

Although these officers are not allowed to carry weapons and are under the supervision of a police officer, they are allowed to perform many duties that regular patrol officers cannot do. They can be a great resource by checking potential criminals out before they commit any crimes. Because they are not commissioned law enforcement officers, they cannot arrest individuals on suspicion alone but can assist local police departments when criminal activity occurs. Their job is to make the public aware that their local police department is willing to help them if someone breaks the law. Unarmed Officers Services companies in Fort Worth, Texas, offer free criminal history and fingerprinting checks if you wish to use their services to help you check on a potential criminal.