Whether you’re managing a residential area, educational institution, public facility, recreational space, entertainment venue, or business complex, ensuring the safety of all individuals is paramount. With the responsibility of safeguarding a large number of people comes the necessity to mitigate any potential security threats as a primary concern. It’s impossible to be omnipresent! If you’re thinking that way, you’re absolutely right. That’s why the solution you seek lies in the Mobile Patrol Services offered in Texas.

Having Mobile Patrol Officers patrolling your property comes with a multitude of advantages. The consistent presence of patrol officers acts as a strong deterrent against vandalism, theft, loitering, drug use, and other criminal activities. By avoiding predictable routes that criminals could exploit, our officers keep them guessing about their whereabouts. This unpredictability ensures that potential wrongdoers are unable to plan their actions in advance. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event of a crime occurring, our swift response guarantees that perpetrators are swiftly apprehended – a stark contrast to areas lacking mobile patrols where criminals often evade capture effortlessly.

When you hire Ranger Guard Mobile Patrol Services, our vigilant officers conduct continuous surveillance of your entire property, particularly during the nighttime when visibility is limited. Beyond simply monitoring for criminal activity, our team conducts regular inspections of all aspects of your premises. Any signs of damage, such as a broken gate, window, or fence, are promptly reported to you as a matter of urgency. By addressing issues like a faulty latch immediately, we prevent any potential security breaches and enhance the overall safety and security of your property through meticulous maintenance and attention to detail.


Ranger Guard Mobile Patrol

Our capabilities extend far beyond simply covering a large area. We are equipped to swiftly respond to alarms and provide a range of additional services. When you enlist our team, you can anticipate the presence of professionally attired armed or unarmed mobile patrol officers, each equipped with two-way radios, pepper spray, and batons. We will display multiple signs in both English and Spanish instructing trespassers to vacate the premises. These signs serve as a warning against trespassing and loitering on your property, with all criminal activities being monitored and investigated by our on-site mobile patrol officer. Additionally, the signage alerts individuals that they may be stopped and questioned while on private property.

You have the freedom to choose our services for any duration, whether it’s just 30 days or even 30 years, as we do not impose long-term contracts. Our comprehensive insurance coverage, including general liability, workers comp, and commercial auto insurance, ensures that all liabilities are managed by us. This provides you with unparalleled peace of mind that is unmatched elsewhere!

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Ranger Guard is a licensed and insured security agency in Texas that offers professional security services. Our clients can choose from armed or unarmed officers, as well as long or short-term contracts. We take pride in our work and aim to provide an excellent experience for our clients. If you have any inquiries, please contact our management team at (832)-501-3331 today.