Looking For An Armed Guard Job In Houston? Here Is What You Need

There are many Houston armed guard services that are looking for capable security guards. This is a challenging, but rewarding (and growing) career. If you are thinking of entering into Houston armed guard services, here are the basics. Learn more facts here.

Background Check

It should come as no surprise that Houston armed guard services require extensive background checks of their employees. After all, clients will be trusting you to patrol their premises with a firearm. The comprehensive background check includes criminal history, personal references, employment/education verifications, Department of Motor Vehicle checks, and potentially even credit checks. See here for information about How Unarmed Security Guards Can Help You Save Money.

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Houston armed guard services often require their guards to bring their own equipment, including a duty belt and a reliable weapon. Often, a reliable vehicle (and of course, a valid license) is also required. Some of the more cutting-edge Houston armed guard services (such as Ranger Guard & Investigations) also require you to have a working smartphone that supports their system. This is because these services use digital monitoring and reporting. Aside from that, you need to bring a good work ethic to the job, as well as a willingness to help clients.