Unarmed officer services are an exceptional resource for law enforcement agencies that wish to hire these types of sworn officers. There is a significant requirement for qualified and energetic unarmed officers in Houston, Texas. These officers have a higher probability of making an arrest, saving lives, preventing vandalism or theft, and responding to emergencies. For many reasons hiring an officer with no weapons is the better choice than hiring an unarmed officer. More can be found here. 


Unarmed officer services offer a much-balanced ratio of officers to citizens that are much lower than other states. A Houston, Texas unarmed officer will have the option to use their discretion when making an arrest and must be a reason for doing so. An unarmed officer must have a strong basis for arresting someone other than protecting themselves, their fellow officers, and others. When an officer is involved in a situation where he must employ their skills to subdue a suspect without resorting to their weapon, only then will he be legally allowed to shoot a criminal without using their gun. See here for information about the Services and Responsibilities of Unarmed Officers in Houston, Texas.

Hiring an officer with no weapons allows the Unarmed officer service to protect themselves by using their skill instead of relying on their gun, which is likely to malfunction. Unarmed officers’ services provide the benefit of lower cost for training, and they are very informative. There are numerous courses available for officers to enhance their knowledge of Texas laws and their legal rights. Training for Houston, Texas officers usually lasts for six months. The training cost is much cheaper than attending a law enforcement academy or paying for a teacher that will teach you the same information through video material.