Armed Guard Services in San Antonio, TX. Armed security is a great way to protect your home, family, and property. Armed Guards offer 24-hour protection for homes, businesses, schools, and other establishments that require security. Armed guards are professional individuals who have undergone extensive training to maintain order during emergencies or crisis situations. Armed Guards can be found on duty at many high-profile locations including the White House, the Vatican City State Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. Disneyland Resort Paris, Buckingham Palace in London UK, and Saudi Arabia’s Royal Court of Riyadh among others. Armed guard services can be privately contracted or publically employed. Armed Guards provide round-the-clock security and may even monitor alarm systems, perimeter fences, and other types of surveillance equipment. Visit this link for more information.

San Antonio homeowners looking to protect their property with armed guards should consult a private security company licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau (DPS PSB). All applicants must meet stringent requirements including having good moral character; obtaining a high school diploma or GED equivalent; passing written tests on State law relating to criminal procedure and arrest powers; successfully completing an oral interview process that evaluates professionalism, communication skills, interpersonal skills, judgment/decision-making abilities, and customer service; and passing a State-administered psychological examination that evaluates the ability to function in stressful situations. Read about The Ultimate Guide to Armed Guard Services in San Antonio, TX here.