Hebron, Texas is a small community just outside of Dallas, Texas. Hebron is a thriving farming community that lies south of the city of Dallas, Texas. For over two centuries, this community has enjoyed a strong presence as a hub for livestock and farming in Texas and continues to thrive even today. Find more information here.


Hebron, Texas has an approximate total population of about five hundred. The average age is forty-one, and the median household income is about six hundred dollars. The metro area population was 401 at the last 2021 census. Hebron, Texas, like many other cities and towns in Texas, is extremely diverse. It has a population of more than three hundred thousand, including more than one hundred thousand foreign-born people. Of these immigrants, almost half are of Hispanic origin, and the remaining percentage are of various other ethnic origins. See here for Information About  The City Of Garland, Texas.

Throughout the years, Hebron, Texas has portrayed one of the most historic areas in Texas. There have been several movies filmed in the area, most notably, The Thin Red Line, starring Clint Eastwood. The town also has featured in many films, including, Grease, and Dazed and confused. In short, Hebron, Texas is a haven for tourists and visitors, who find that it has all that they need to enjoy a wonderful stay in one of the most beautiful settings in Texas – or anywhere else for that matter.