Unarmed Security Guards in Fort Worth, Texas, are professionally trained to deter crimes and apprehend criminals, and there is no difference between these guards who use lethal force or non-lethal weapons. FortWorth offers many benefits to families looking for a place to call home and live, including a large number of job opportunities. Unarmed security guards can work in various government facilities such as courthouses, prisons, financial institutions, banks, hospitals, or any other place that requires guarding. In fact, you can be an unarmed security guard and still work at home because Fort Worth offers job opportunities to guard not only homes but also businesses. Learn more here.


Unarmed security guards in Fort Worth serve their communities and the state of Texas through a mixture of education, certification, and specialized training. Unarmed security guards receive a certificate when they complete a two-year course at the Texas Department of Public Safety. Students take classes such as how to properly carry a weapon; how to recognize a criminal; how to safely handle a weapon and how to use body armor. The courses help students learn the basics of personal safety and self-defense tactics that they will then need to know when they are employed by FortWorth security guards. Learn more about The Huge Role of Unarmed Security Guards in Fort Worth, Texas.

After training, guards complete a seven-day refresher course every year. This is the first year that guards in FortWorth have to pass a rigorous test given by the Texas Department of Public Safety. These tests include psychological tests and written exams from the DPS. Unarmed security guards are supervised by DPS officers and, on very rare occasions, Texas Department of Criminal Justice agents. Guards are also tested on their knowledge of state laws and city ordinances related to guards. After passing the test, guards must successfully complete a three-day safety orientation program that highlights the importance of reporting criminal activity to authorities and the dangers of working with untrained people.