Orlando, Florida

Orlando’s landscape is primarily made up of wetlands, including numerous lakes and marshes. The ground is often low and moist because the topography is flat. There are numerous lakes in the vicinity, Lake Apopka being the largest. Because of the bedrock’s high porosity and predominance of limestone in central Florida, sinkholes can form in the Orlando region. The “Winter Park Sinkhole” incident, which took place in 1981 in Winter Park, a city located just north of downtown Orlando, is arguably the most well-known sinkhole-related catastrophe. The Demography of Orlando, Florida paints a picture of a city that’s not only growing fast, but also changing rapidly.

Within the municipal borders, there are 115 neighborhoods and numerous unincorporated localities. The city limits of Orlando are laid out like a checkerboard, enclosing areas of unincorporated Orange County. As a result of this arrangement, Orange County and the City of Orlando both service some areas. This also explains why Orlando has a smaller city population than its surrounding metropolitan area. Orlando is annexing some of the land that already borders the municipal limits as part of a joint effort between the city and county to “round-out” the city bounds.

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