Ranger Guard is a private security guard company in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer local Jacksonville security guard services. All security officers, guards, and private bodyguards are highly trained and professional. As one of the most trusted security guard companies in Jacksonville FL, we offer:


Jacksonville FL Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are an essential component of any comprehensive security plan. They provide a critical layer of protection for businesses, institutions, and individuals in high-risk situations. The Advantages to Having an Armed Guards cannot be overstated. They have the necessary skills to protect people and property from harm. Moreover, armed security guards offer peace of mind to employees and customers alike.


Mobile Patrol Security Guards in JAX, FL

Mobile Patrol Security is an essential Aspect of any Business that strives to protect its assets and personnel. With the increasing number of criminal activities, vandalism, and theft cases in offices and commercial buildings, it has become crucial for businesses to have a reliable mobile patrol security system. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats are detected early and dealt with before they escalate. One major advantage of Mobile Patrol Security is that it provides 24/7 surveillance without disrupting the normal operations of the business.


Loss Prevention Florida

A Comprehensive Loss Prevention Program is essential for any business, and the security guard can play a vital role in its success. The primary objective of a Loss Prevention Security Guard is to prevent theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity from occurring on the premises. By implementing an effective loss prevention program, businesses can greatly reduce their risk of financial loss while ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.

Jacksonville Workplace Security

Every business should prioritize the safety and security of their employees, customers, and assets. One way to ensure workplace security is by having a Proper Workplace Security System in place. This system consists of various measures that are designed to prevent unauthorized access, theft, vandalism, and other forms of criminal activity. By investing in a proper workplace security system, businesses can not only protect their people and property but also enhance their reputation as a responsible organization that takes safety seriously.

Unarmed Security Officers FL

Unarmed security officers are an essential part of maintaining safety on a property. Despite not carrying weapons, their presence alone can deter criminal activity and ensure peace of mind for residents or patrons. These officers are trained in conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques, ensuring that any potential incidents can be handled without resorting to violence. In fact, there are many situations where having Unarmed Security Personnel can Provide a Safer Environment for both Property and People.

Special Events Security Florida

Effective Event Security Guards are an essential component of any successful event. They ensure the safety and well-being of staff, guests, and performers alike. A skilled security team keeps an eye out for potential threats or disturbances that could compromise the integrity of the event.
One crucial aspect of their job is conducting bag searches. This process helps to identify any prohibited items such as weapons or drugs that could be brought into the venue. It also ensures that everyone attending has a safe and enjoyable experience without worrying about potential hazards.

Executive & Close Protection Service in Jacksonville

Professional VIP Protection Service provide unparalleled security solutions for high-profile individuals and corporate executives. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the latest technology and training to ensure that our clients receive top-notch protection. Our VIP protection services include risk assessments, security planning, and close personal protection. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements. From secure transportation to on-site security personnel, we offer comprehensive security services designed to keep our clients safe at all times.

Building Security FL

Building Security Guard Service is an essential component of maintaining safety and order in commercial properties. Security guards play a crucial role in deterring criminal activity, responding to emergencies, and ensuring the safety of employees and guests. Building security guards undergo rigorous training to ensure they are equipped with the skills necessary to handle various situations that may arise.

Sporting Events Security Services Florida

Sporting events are among the most exciting and anticipated events for sports enthusiasts. However, with this excitement comes a unique set of safety concerns that need to be addressed. Professional Armed Event Security Guards can provide a reliable and efficient solution to these safety concerns. From high-profile games to local meets, hiring professional security personnel is essential in ensuring that every individual remains safe and secure while enjoying the event. The primary responsibility of professional armed event security guards is to maintain order and ensure public safety.

Jacksonville K-9 Dog Protection Service

K9 dog security protection is an effective way to increase safety in various settings. K9 units are utilized by law enforcement agencies, military forces, and private security firms to enhance the effectiveness of their security measures. The use of specially trained dogs for security purposes has been proven to be a successful method for deterring criminal activity, detecting contraband items, and even rescuing people in emergencies. The mere presence of these dogs can deter potential threats from individuals who may otherwise attempt illegal acts.



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Professional Standards: All staff are required to uphold our exacting professional standards of attire, courtesy, customer service and personal hygiene. Their hard work, extensive experience, and faith turned a dream into reality.Ranger Guard has grown from a small business in 2009 to a large company covering much of Texas and the Southwest. Founder David Catran is a former secret service agent and foreign ministry vice consul of security. He took his professional experience in the field to develop a security model that works to protect businesses and individuals in all environments and settings. We prioritize hiring military and law enforcement veterans with active combat experience. We know there is no substitute for time spent in the field when it comes to knowing what to do in an emergency.

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About Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a city situated on the Atlantic coast of northeastern Florida, the most populous city within the state and the second largest city by area in the contiguous United States as of 2020. It is the seat of Duval County, with which the city government consolidated in 1968.
Learn more About Jacksonville, Florida.

FAQ About Jacksonville FL


Is Jacksonville a good place to live in Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida, is a good place to live if you’re looking to take a reasonable standard of living, have easy access to the beach, feel the Southern vibe, and live near me first-time homebuyers. The city is creating jobs and sustaining an ecologically aware culture. There is also a thriving culinary scene here.


Why is Jacksonville famous?

Jacksonville is the setting for the largest urban park system in the nation. The park covers 80,000 acres and 450 city parks. It features 7 state parks, two national parks, a national preserve, 400 city parks, and a massive arboretum!


What is the coldest month in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville’s coldest month is in January, when the temperature drops to 41.9 F. The warmest month in Jacksonville is in July, when average daytime temperatures top 90.8 F.


What is Jacksonville Florida known as?

Name for the brand-new city of the great south, on the move, at the heart of Florida, the middle of the first coast, the Jacksonville district. At the beginning, the narrow neighborhood where the wide expanse of the north-flowing St. Johns River passes by.


Does Jacksonville get hurricanes?

When it comes to Jacksonville, Florida, it’s hurricanes. Being on the brutal east coast, so many tropical storms and hurricanes sweep through Jacksonville every year that the locals are slowly running out of names.

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