Ranger Guard provides security services to business, residential and industrial properties throughout the state.


Prioritizing long term relationships with clients who always come first.

Ranger Guard offers a full spectrum of security services including: 

  • unarmed and armed security guards
  • fire watch
  • loss prevention
  • mobile patrol

Our officers are highly trained to cover a range of specific assignments including construction security, parking enforcement, front of house, VIP personal protection details and more. 

Our bespoke security approach begins with a free security consultation. Because every security situation is different, one-size fits all solutions will either leave you overpaying or underprotected.

Our expert security veterans will learn about your unique security challenges and concerns and put together a specific security plan tailored to your needs.

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Ranger Guard and Investigations|#1 Jacksonville Security Guard Services

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Ranger Guard and Investigations|#1 Jacksonville Security Guard Services


Good security starts with high quality staff. Ranger Guard prioritizes hiring law enforcement and military veterans and gives them top level training. Before hiring we put all applicants through a battery of background checks, aptitude tests and drug screenings to ensure guards are physically, emotionally, and legally capable of operating at peak effectiveness on the streets. Guards are charged with keeping our clients and members of the public safe in potentially highly dangerous situations. We take that responsibility extremely seriously, which is why we only recruit the best.


Ranger Guard training is the most rigorous in the industry. We go above and beyond the basic requirements to gain a private security guard license from the government. 

Our extensive training includes:

  • 24-Hour Defense Tactics
  • 24-Hour Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law
  • 10-Hour Anti-Terrorism Class
  • 16-Hours Customer Service

Our approach was set by Ranger Guard founder Assaf Catran, a veteran of the Israeli Secret Service. He is dedicated to bringing the level of professionalism and attention to detail that he learned in the service to every aspect of Ranger Guard. Chris Jenkins, founder and CEO of Ranger Guard Jacksonville is himself a law enforcement and US Secret Service veteran and shares this disciplined orientation.

In addition to an ethos learned from the military, our team has over 15 years acquired experience from running private security operations.

This expertise is shared with new recruits during our training. 

Your peace of mind is essential to us. We provide all clients with a complete applicant background file, providing details on each security guard being considered to protect you.

Security Guards Jacksonville, Florida

Ranger Guard provides licensed, insured, and certified security guards. All security officers meet all state regulations and have gone through our extensive training and screening process, far exceeding the legal requirements for training and pre-employment background investigations.

At Ranger Guard we understand that the officer on the ground is the first stage of your security plan. Remote supervisory personnel are in place 24/7 to monitor ongoing developments, liaise with guards onsite, and provide advice and backup requests when necessary. 

Clients can contact our customer support team at any time for information about their security, or to request changes. 

Ranger Guard is a full service security firm and we integrate technology into the core of what we do. Our guards login to their posts using our state of the art tracking system, and post regular reports about their observations. Information about your site is updated in real time and you can access it remotely at any time. 

We believe that high quality service depends on close relationships with personnel and transparency with clients.

Ranger Guard and Investigations|#1 Jacksonville Security Guard Services
Ranger Guard and Investigations|#1 Jacksonville Security Guard Services

Private Security Services Jacksonville – Ranger Guard JAX

Our security guards carry two-way radios to stay in constant communication with our supervisor managers. 

Our officers know they represent not only the Ranger Guard brand, but that of our clients. We require the highest standards of presentation and professionalism from all guards. 

This extends to punctuality, attire, and courtesy when interacting with members of the public.

Patrol Methods

Security guards must conduct regular visual patrols while onsite. To avoid pattern recognition from criminals which would expose vulnerabilities, we use undetermined patrol routes to stay unpredictable. 

In Compliance

With over 30 years of experience in the field, our management team understands that the best resolution strategy is to defuse conflict before it begins. Our officers are trained in advanced verbal de-escalation tactics to prevent volatile situations from becoming violent. 

Our Attire

The first impression a person makes is visual. For that reason our personnel are required to wear clean, pressed, police style security uniforms at all times while on duty. Shoes must be polished with a clean-shaven haircut. Male and female officers are held to the same standards.

Security in Jacksonville


Liability and Insurance

Ranger Guard upholds the guidelines set out by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services which are mandatory to maintain insurance. 

Our level of financial security exceeds industry standards, as ascertained by our legal counsel, so that there is full protection of your assets as well as ours.

Our Flagship Mobile Patrol Service 

Many businesses want the protection of regular security without the expense of a full time guard presence. With our mobile patrol service, officers will visit your facility several times throughout each shift in a highly visible and well-marked patrol vehicle. Mobile Patrol clients report increased criminal deterrence and reduced vandalism. 

Our mobile patrol officers will conduct spot checks on the property and are trained to treat anyone they encounter with consideration and respect.

This service is perfect for retail and commercial properties that need to be monitored after hours, or businesses who wish to share the cost of protection with several others to cut costs.

Loss Prevention

Many businesses face high insurance premiums for equipment loss or property damage. Shoplifting is a major contribution to shrink and good retailers take steps that will protect merchandise from theft from shoplifting.

Our Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension service can significantly reduce theft at your facility and improve operating inefficiencies.

Ranger Guard “Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension” program serves retail clients who want a proactive approach to controlling losses. 

A retailer who is able to adopt effective measures against shoplifters will be better able to offer lower prices for merchandise and improve their profitability.

Ranger Guard Shoplifting prevention has helped many businesses remain competitive by lowering their insurance premiums and saving money through controlling inventory loss.


Ranger Guard has grown from a small business in 2009 to a large company covering much of Texas and the Southwest. 

Chris Jenkins is the founder and CEO of Ranger Guard Jacksonville, FL. 

He is a law enforcement veteran and brings his extensive field experience into his private security practice. 

Chris has a extensive background in security in the previous 15 years he has served in the following capacities:

With the U.S. Secret Service (three years), including as part of the counter-surveillance team. He also served in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (four years) and his local GA Sheriff’s Office (five years). 

While in the naval service, he ran highly sensitive personal protective details for the Secretary of the Navy and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. While serving abroad, Chris was decorated by the Japanese Police for successfully tracking down a sexual assault perpetrator. 

When not serving his community or country in security roles, Chris enjoys sports. He plays basketball and holds a scuba diving license.

Chris resides in Jacksonville with his wife and children.

Ranger Guard and Investigations|#1 Jacksonville Security Guard Services

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Ranger Guard of Jacksonvill Florida is located at 624 Goodwin St Suite 2, Jacksonville, FL.

We are available 24/7.

For additional questions you can call us at (904) 585-9955.

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