Does Private Security Firms Replace Police Across Florida?


Ranger Guard examines the bold claims made in Time Magazine.

Private security is on the rise. According to Technavio, the industry is expected to grow $56.33 billion between 2021 and 2026 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.81%. The industry is expected to grow by $56.33 billion from 2021 to 2026, at a compound annual growth rate of 4.81%, according to Technavio. This comes as police departments face increased scrutiny regarding race relations, funding, policies on using force, and community policing.

Is private security replacing police officers?

Time Magazine recently argued that this concept is a disservice to private security companies, police, and business owners who depend on private security every day to keep them secure.

Private security can be there when the police aren’t

A company or an individual who hires a private firm to protect assets is protecting something specific. It’s usually a place or person that is in danger. Perhaps a gas station wants to stop shoplifting. A mall may need security to deter vandalism, theft, and antisocial behavior. Perhaps a VIP requires an escort at a high-level function.

Private security guards thoroughly understand the person or location they are protecting, the exact entrances and exits, the risks involved, and the prevention they seek to achieve.

It may take some time for the police to arrive in a situation where they are needed. A private security officer, on the other hand, will arrive at the scene instantly. They can take immediate action to protect lives and property, without having to wait for overworked police officers.

Private security can prevent catastrophes

Our guards are trained to a high standard in verbal de-escalation and customer service. Most often, just seeing a security guard on duty makes criminals think twice. Our officers are dressed in uniforms that look like police and wear black. When deterrence doesn’t work, our officers have been trained to de-escalate situations verbally. Most security incidents that result in tragedy, such as the death of a man on the New York Subway in May 2023, are because someone could not stop a situation from spiraling out of control.

Security guards with the proper training can make a big difference in public safety, especially when they are placed where a police officer cannot be.

Private security reduces the burden on the police

Each guard on the street, whether a policeman or a private guard, must be paid. Some non-profit organizations, such as churches and schools, have volunteer security rotas where members of the local community fill unpaid roles.

These individuals have a very limited amount of training. Qualified employees need to be paid.

Private security guards protect places where police cannot maintain a permanent presence. Private security guards shift the financial burden from the government to private businesses. In the event of an emergency, it is unreasonable to expect that police officers be on duty 24 hours a day in private locations across all cities. After all, police officers are supposed to fight crime. It is important that they are available to answer 9-11 calls, follow up on leads, interview suspected criminals, and do all other daily police tasks. This does not include spending six hours at an office complex’s front desk in the event of a crime.

Local and city budgets in America would be crushed by the financial burden if they had to pay for so many police officers. Private security companies can fill this gap. As guards, many reputable security companies such as Ranger Guard in Florida hire veterans from the military and law enforcement.

Local businesses and local communities must be able to protect themselves in addition to what the government can offer. This allows police to concentrate less on patrolling the community and more on fighting crime.

Private Security: Call the Police if Needed

Police will be called in the event of an emergency. Guards are taught to call the police if a crime occurs. Guards can record video and audio evidence even if police cannot arrive on the scene. This will help police with any criminal investigations. This is especially helpful in cases of shoplifting and vandalism, where there might be no other evidence.

Private security guards are not meant to replace the police. They act as an important complement. They can provide additional numbers and support on the street, relieving pressure from police officers to be everywhere all the time. The taxpayers benefit from this, as they pay less for the street to be safe.