The unarmed officer is an integral part of the police force. Unarmed officers often patrol alone; unarmed officers are increasingly expected to perform many of the same duties as their armed counterparts. This article discusses what unarmed officers do and how they can best serve their community. These officers are unarmed for safety reasons, and they are often the first responders to emergency calls. Unarmed officers typically patrol alone or with a partner in their jurisdiction. They may also be assigned as crime scene security personnel at major incidents such as homicides, robberies, traffic collisions, and protests until more police arrive on-scene. In addition, unarmed officers must write detailed reports of all arrests made by other department members, including photographing evidence before it is collected. This will ensure that only items covered under warrantless search laws are confiscated from suspects who have not been charged with crimes. Fort Worth, TX can be seen here.

Unarmed officers serve their community by enforcing the law and providing safety for citizens. Police unarmed services are often used to respond to situations where weapons aren’t necessary, such as youths. Unarmed officers will take care of the situation and create a safer environment for everyone involved. Unarmed officers are not as expensive as they may seem. Unarmed officers usually cost less than $40,000 to train annually. The lack of firearms means that unarmed officers spend more time interacting with the community than fending off an active shooter. Unarmed officers also take care of situations that other police may not handle without the use of guns. In conclusion,  unarmed officers can be a great asset to any police department. Unarmed services often go underappreciated because many don’t understand how unarmed officers help the community and why they are essential. Click here to read about Unarmed Officers Services: What to Know for Your Peace of Mind.