Elroy, Texas is a small unincorporated rural community 12 miles north of Austin, in southern Travis County, Texas. The community sits on what used to be part of the Divide between Lubbock and Austin, but today it is part of the city of Elroy. The most notable landmark in town is the Elroy, Texas State University, which is located in the middle of Town. The town of Elroy has a population of around three-thousand and is known for its seasonal attractions such as Elroy Wild Gardens and Elroy Zoo. More facts can be seen here.


The Elroy, Texas State University is home to some of the top-ranked students in the world, including many members of Texas A & M University. Elroy has also gained recognition from the Texas State Department of Education for having high-quality community colleges within its greater metropolitan region of Texas. This is one of only a few campuses to be accredited by Texas education standards. All of the aforementioned activities are part of what makes Elroy Texas a very desirable place to live. Elroy is located at the convergence of all kinds of people: the young, the old, the wealthy, professionals, and retirees. It’s a community that provides good jobs for people of all kinds, nearby beautiful scenery, and a nice surrounding environment that make it easy to get involved with community activities. Learn more about Daffan, Texas – A Wonderful Place To Live.

Elroy has maintained its charm despite its small size for over a hundred years with the help of hard work, a welcoming population, and a variety of offerings. Elroy, Texas is still very much a frontier town with many residents having a strong connection to the southwest, Old West, and the Mexican heritage of the area. Elroy is known for its festivals and events that celebrate all things western. Elroy offers a wide variety of attractions for everyone to enjoy, including the Elroy, Texas Motor Speedway, Elroy Museum, Elroy, Texas Zoo and Gardens, Elroy, Texas State University, Elroy, Texas Golf Club, Elroy, Texas Horse Racing, and Elroy, Texas Roller Rides.