Sunset Valley is a wonderful town in Travis County, Texas. It sits on all sides by Austin, so being an enclave it’s very peaceful. Sunset Valley has many restaurants, hotels, and spas that offer great relaxing experiences. It even has its zip line that can take you down to the underground river, which is just five miles away. See further information here.


The city has lots of great outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, swimming and tennis. Sunset Valley hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year. It has been the site of state fairs, rodeos, picnic, and garden contests. It also is home to one of the largest rodeos in the nation. In early 2021 the city will celebrate its 500th anniversary of being a community. Sunset Valley, Texas is a small gem tucked away in South Austin in Travis County, Texas. A very convenient location for residents looking to escape the bustle of the major city and enjoy the quiet and scenic beauty that nature has to offer, this quaint little community is a favorite among residents as well as visitors to the Austin area. A community of just under a square mile, Sunset Valley was built on what was then an unimproved floodplain and a lake. This gave rise to a small town planning on developing a recreational, business, and residential complex around the area. Today, you can find such attractions as the historic Sunset Strip, an outdoor mall, several unique shops, many sporting stores, family attractions, and the world-famous Sunset Rock, a sandstone formation off the highway one mile west of Sunset Valley. Learn more about Rollingwood, Texas – A Crossroads of Opportunity and Desirability.

Sunset Valley, Texas has had a booming real estate market over the past decade and this growth has made it a competitive place to buy homes. The city council has worked hard to keep Sunset Valley affordable and has passed an ordinance making new developments centered on the affluent easier to obtain. Sunset Valley is looking forward to the future with new commercial development and is hoping to attract some of the attention that Austin is getting for being one of the fastest-growing Texas cities. Sunset Valley looks forward to welcoming visitors into a convenient area where they will be happy to find affordable housing within easy reach of the downtown area and the Texas lakes.