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When planning a wedding, many details must be taken into consideration. Along with deciding on which beautiful wedding dress to pick and who will make the final guest list, you will also need to work with family members and groups of friends to make sure the occasion is as stress-free as possible. However, while you may be worried about problems with catering or musicians, one issue that is often overlooked for these special events is security. Even though many weddings are performed each day without any violence or other serious situations occurring, the fact is today’s world is so uncertain in terms of violence that nothing can be taken for granted. Rather than worry about what might happen that could turn a happy day into one filled with tragedy, here are some important reasons why private security should be an integral part of the wedding planning process.

Crowd Control and Searches

If you are planning a large wedding, crowd control and bag searches should be one of the top priorities when discussing private security. By having a professional security guard stationed at the entrance to a church or other venue, all guests and others entering the building can be properly searched and have their identities verified. This can be important, especially if there is the threat an ex-spouse or other person could attempt to show up and disrupt the wedding. Along with this, if the wedding is taking place at a well-known location where hundreds of people will be in attendance, there is always the possibility terrorists or other persons may try to commit an act of violence to draw attention to themselves and their particular cause. Due to these risks, it is always best to work with a private security firm that has extensive experience working special events such as weddings.

Security Patrols and Surveillance

Whenever an event takes place where large numbers of people will be present, it is vital the security officers given this assignment have the latest training in patrolling and surveillance methods. Since little may be known about some potential guests or perhaps even a family member, it will be important for guards at these events to know how to spot potential problems with certain individuals. By being able to do so in a manner that is low-key and virtually unnoticeable to guests and others at the wedding, it becomes possible for security guards to quickly intervene and put a stop to any potential problems that may arise.

First Aid and Emergencies

Since weddings can be very emotional events that bring together a wide variety of people, there is always the possibility a medical problem or other situation may occur that will lead to an emergency. Whether this involves a person needing first aid or CPR or perhaps a fire or violent act taking place, it will be vital to have trained security guards on duty who have the skills and knowledge to handle these situations. At Ranger Guard and Investigations we realize the importance of this aspect of private security, which is why all officers with our agency are trained in various aspects of first aid and CPR. Along with this, officers also possess training in emergency communications and helping first responders who arrive at the scene.

Armed Security Personnel

Even though a wedding is a happy occasion, there are times when threats of violence may have been made against those who are involved in the ceremony. Should this occur, every precaution should be taken to ensure the wedding goes off as planned and those in attendance are kept safe from start to finish. To make this happen, it may be necessary to hire armed private security guards. By having a guard who can act as a damage control person, it becomes much easier to make sure the wedding will allow everyone in attendance to spend much quality time with family and friends as they celebrate the happy occasion.

Never Take Anything for Granted

While it is easy to get caught up in the festivities associated with a wedding, it is still very important to never take anything for granted, especially when it comes to event security. From ensuring only those invited to the wedding are allowed entrance to guaranteeing nothing unusual or dangerous takes place by the end of the night, always rely on security professionals who have years of experience in event security. If you are planning a wedding, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at 210-981-3410 to learn more about our specialized event security services.