Want to Make Pokémon Go Away?


Go Away Go

The popularity of Pokémon Go has been overwhelming and has resulted in both children and adults wandering around in a state of “augmented reality” while viewing their surroundings on their phones. Incidents and accidents resulting from this behavior have been reported across the country and have prompted concerns over personal safety as unaware players walk into traffic, step in holes, or fail to notice dangerous elements in their immediate surroundings. In addition to Pokémon, players seek out PokéStops, virtual checkpoints where they can pick up supplies and battle other players. While some business owners are scrambling to get a PokéStop installed in or near their establishment to draw in crowds, many consider it a nuisance and a threat. Some checkpoints have been identified as being close to expensive pieces of artwork in building lobbies or in secure areas of facilities, inviting the opportunity for theft, damage and breach of security.

If you have identified virtual checkpoints at your facility that compromise building safety or security in any way, you may wish to have them removed. If this is the case, utilize the following link to go to the game support site, and follow the steps outlined below:

  • Under the Troubleshooting section, click on “Reporting PokeStop or Gym Issues”
  • Click on “Request removal of PokéStop or Gym”
  • Fill out the information in the form request (pictured below)
  • Include a notation that the PokéStop is located on private property

In addition to filling out the removal request form, it may be helpful to attach a signed letter on company letterhead stating:

“Please remove the Pokéstop located at ______. This is private property.”

This technique has been reported to be successful at a number of private properties.