Tips for Hiring Armed Security Guards


When you’ve made the decision to hire best armed security guards, it’s because you need extra protection. You have made the decision that for your premises, it is necessary to have the additional support that a firearm brings. There are many reasons to prefer armed security.

These include:

  • Adding extra deterrence. Nothing makes criminals think twice like looking at the firearm of a security guard.
  • Living in a firearm dense area. Some states, such as Texas, have far higher rates of gun ownership than others. No matter the type of business you operate, you do not want to be outgunned by the average member of the public in your area.
  • Working in a high risk industry. Guards protecting residential complexes in higher crime areas, high traffic nightlife venues, special events attended by VIPs all need a different security approach.
  • Because it makes you feel safer. Some people simply prefer the full protection that firearms afford. There is nothing wrong with demanding that extra level of security for yourself.

Whatever the reason you have decided to hire armed security guards, once you have made that choice it’s time to figure out how best to go about it. Security guards services in Austin can provide these and many other services..

Evaluating Armed Security Guards

Choosing guards with the right training and equipment to do the job properly is essential. At Ranger Guard we prioritize hiring security guards from law enforcement or military backgrounds. We know exactly what is required to protect property, and we would prefer to hire people with on the ground experience in doing so. Our commitment to veterans makes your property safer.

Additionally you need guards who are properly trained. Check to ensure that your guards understand the type of property they will be protecting. They need to know appropriate patrol routes, how to secure entry and exit points and how to direct crowdflow. If they are going to be in a customer facing position, such as on duty at an entrance or directing attendees at a large event such as a music festival, your guards need to be trained in customer service.

Ranger Guard prioritizes all of these factors when training our guards. We do not rely solely on their previous (highly valuable) experience. We put all guards through our own rigorous training program dealing with all aspects of security detail. This ranges from appropriate escalation patterns, de-escalation tactics, optimized patrol routes and customer service training. We work hard to ensure all our guards have the right tools to protect your property.

When you select a guard make sure you are choosing those with proper training and security skills. The best way to know is to ask. Speak to the agency you are choosing and ask what training and qualifications are required, and if the agency offers any additional training for recruits.

Your Armed Guard To Do List

Armed guards have a lot to take care of. When you contract a security team it is essential to know who will be doing what and when.  Make sure you share with the agency every item your armed guard will be expected to take care of. Will they be patrolling your premises? Will they be stationed at a clear entry/exit point, such as the main gate or a reception desk? Build out a clear, actionable security plan in collaboration with your security agency.

Ranger Guard has years of experience providing top of the line security. As part of their onboarding process, Ranger Guard offers free security consultations to ensure your plan is appropriate for your location, site, budget and business needs.

How to Pick the Right Agency

The right agency is vital. It’s not enough to have armed guards available to take action onsite. You need to know that your agency has your back. Support services are essential for if something goes wrong and you need to call for extra support or report an issue. But even if everything runs smoothly, being in touch with customer support teams can be a big help.

At Ranger Guard we provide access to our unique tracking software which keeps clients updated about everything going on at your property, for added peace of mind. Our guards check in and out using electronic tag-ins, so we know where they are and what they are doing to keep your property safe. Our supervisors are trained to the highest standards and understand security like no one else. That’s why they are available to our clients around the clock to answer questions, clarify situations and provide support.

Budgeting for Armed Security

Your armed security guards are the core part of your security team. However there are lots of ways to ensure your budget provides maximum impact without being stretched over the limit. The first stage is to look at your business model. When are the peak times where your site is at risk? Which areas are most in need of protection? If your budget is tight, you may find it possible to guard the most important areas at the busiest times, without shelling out for a full service plan.

Ranger Guard will always recommend a tailored security solution that fits your specific business needs. There are always additions which can be made to make your property more secure, but more is not always the right answer. Additionally, there are many other lower cost options, such as CCTV cameras, sensors and alarms, which can be installed and utilized alongside armed guards to increase their impact without significantly increasing the cost.

Getting the Most Out of Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards have different roles depending on the assignment. For most cases a simple prominent placement near the front of the property is more than enough to deter criminals and maintain order. At Ranger Guard we work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your guard’s shift. We look over patrol routes, entrances and exits, and any specific functions such as crowd control which you may need, and come up with a security solution that matches your needs and budget. This includes designing which duties can be performed during a shift to optimize impact. One of the main values of hiring an experienced security agency such as Ranger Guard is utilizing this expertise to get more out of your guards.

Hiring armed security guards is a big step for your business. With Ranger Guard you know you are getting experienced and highly qualified officers with the skills to keep you safe. More than that, our customer service and tracking systems empower you to know exactly what is going on in your place of business. Contact Ranger Guard today to book armed protection for your business.