The Advantages Of Mobile Security Patrol


There are many new security advances, including robots that can surveil a business and cell phone apps that can help monitor neighborhood crime and update on suspicious activity. Yet despite all of these advances, time and again, successful business owners continue to choose mobile security patrol to safely protect their enterprise. If you own a company and can’t decide what type of security you need, let us at Range Guard help you make that decision a little easier.

What is a mobile security patrol?

Mobile patrols typically guard a specified area or perimeter of a business. For example, you may own an electronics store with a small parking lot. Depending on the size of the perimeter of your building and parking lot, a security guard patrol will either drive, walk, cycle, even use a segway to patrol the agreed-upon area. The patrols can be scheduled at specified times or done randomly to avoid the predictability of routine checks.

Ranger’s security officers will physically check all gates, doors, parking, and garage areas, to ensure the property is secure and no unauthorized persons are present.

Why are mobile security patrol units an intelligent choice?

1. Cost-Effective

Hiring a mobile patrol unit such as Ranger Guard isn’t nearly as expensive as you’d imagine. Often the team has more than one client (i.e., company). So, when they’re not checking on your business, they’re patrolling another one. In essence, you’re essentially splitting the cost of the security service with someone else.

If your business is located in an area where there’s a lot of criminal activity, do the math. Add up how much money you’ve spent fixing broken windows and replacing stolen products; then compare that to how much it’ll cost you to hire a mobile security patrol unit. You’ll find the latter might very well be less expensive.

The code also states that the guard is to contact the police to alert them so they may come to make the actual arrest as soon as possible.

2. Cover a Large Area

As a business owner, if you’ve been researching the different types of security options, then stationary guards and security cameras have all probably appeared in your searches. Unlike mobile security patrols, static guards and security cameras leave your business with blind spots-literally. They will only be positioned around high traffic areas such as the front door or a location that has been vandalized several times in the past. Unfortunately, this still leaves other areas of your business exposed and open to potential criminals. A mobile security patrol unit such as Ranger Guard can protect more space than a stationary guard or camera combined. This is especially true when your business is a construction site, apartment complex, stadium where a mobile security patrol unit can use vehicles.

3. Promote Safety

It may seem a tad obvious, but hiring a mobile security patrol unit such as Ranger Guard can do more for Safety than you’d think. First and foremost, they can stop crime as it’s taking place by patrolling your business during peak crime hours (i.e., 12 a.m.-5 a.m.). Ideally, they’ll be able to catch vandals in the act before the damage is extensive.

Ranger Guard can also prevent future crimes from occurring simply due to their presence. When criminals see or hear our mobile security unit on patrol, they’ll be less likely to target your business. Having actual security guards monitoring your commercial property is far more of a deterrent than security cameras or a stationary guard combined.

Safety First

For anyone in business, their wish is always to be successful. Part of that is ensuring keeping their company remains safe. That’s where a mobile patrol unit such as Ranger Guard can help. Whether your company is in a high-crime area or not, the benefits of hiring this type of security cannot be overlooked to protect you, your employees, and your customers.


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