10 Reasons Why Mobile Patrol Security is a Better Choice


No matter if you oversee a vast manufacturing plant or a sizable residential complex, it is crucial to have security present on the premises. With numerous daily concerns, ensuring the safety of individuals and assets under your care should not be one of them. Nonetheless, selecting the appropriate security firm can be challenging, as you may not know what to anticipate or which services are necessary.

Roving patrol security is often the solution, which involves blending advanced technology with well-trained private mobile security personnel. This type of patrol security service is becoming increasingly popular, delivering an exceptionally efficient service that discourages criminals and provides fast response options at an extremely reasonable cost.

Here are 10 reasons why this type of security patrol service may be your best option.

1. Constant Vigilance

Private security personnel may become complacent and lose focus, particularly during the night shift. However, Ranger Guard’s roving patrol services provide a solution to this issue. As officers continuously patrol different areas of a property or facility, there is no room for complacency because each situation is new and requires attention.

2. GPS Tracking

Unlike other security firms, Ranger Guard ensures that clients are aware of the activities of their officers during their shift. Our patrol vehicles are equipped with advanced GPS tracking technology and we conduct regular check-ins throughout the shift, enabling clients to stay informed about the status of security personnel.

3. Highly Visible Presence

Maintaining a highly visible presence is one of the primary responsibilities of roving officers when they are assigned to a location. By continuously patrolling areas such as residential complexes or manufacturing facilities, officers can deter potential criminals from committing crimes. Police-style vehicles are used by officers to convey the message that they are always vigilant and on duty.

4. Budget Friendly

Ranger Guard’s roving patrol services provide professional security solutions at an affordable price. Unlike traditional security services that may be expensive, roving patrols offer highly trained officers, continuous monitoring, and peace of mind at a lower cost. This is possible because they cover multiple locations during their shift, thereby sharing the cost of protection among several businesses. With the unpredictability of their presence, criminals are deterred round the clock.

5. No Chance for Idle Time

Working the night shift with minimal supervision can often lead to lackluster performance and various issues. However, roving patrols prevent idle time by constantly moving from one area to another, leaving little to no time for idleness.

6. Professional Judgment

Establishing a professional relationship with everyone in the areas they patrol is crucial for security officers, but it is equally important for them to know the residents or employees. Roving patrols enable officers to build connections with individuals while still allowing them to exercise their professional judgment when handling different situations.

7. The Best Officers

Ranger Guard always assigns the most competent and motivated officers to roving patrol duties, as these require expertise in all aspects of security. Typically, only officers with extensive experience and a proven track record are selected for these assignments.

8. When Something Doesn’t Seem Right

Having knowledge of all areas of a property and the people who frequent it on a daily basis enables roving patrol officers to quickly detect any unusual activity. This allows them to promptly notify supervisors, law enforcement, or rescue personnel to take action and prevent potential disasters.

9. Monitoring Officer Activity

Instead of relying on occasional supervisor visits during an overnight shift, Ranger Guard and Investigations employs advanced technology to oversee the actions of roving patrol officers. This involves utilizing GPS notifications and internal vehicle cameras, as well as mandating that officers capture images or videos of the areas they monitor.

10. Fast Response

In case of a grave situation, Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol officers can promptly react to an emergency, evaluate the circumstances, and utilize their expertise and knowledge to ensure the safety of all. As they are continually on patrol, reaching the location of a criminal activity, blaze, or medical crisis requires minimal time.

To learn more about our roving patrol security services and how they could protect your business, contact us today