Ranger Guard and Investigations Security Officers

StaffRanger Guard & Investigations was founded by the President with a strong emphasis on experience, dedication, and professionalism in the crucial role of first responders. Security Officers are recognized as one of the most important groups of first responders in the country, and they play a vital role in preventing and deterring crime.

It is evident from the numerous awards and achievements of our President that she possesses extensive knowledge and innovative ideas in the industry. At RGI, we consistently adopt the best practices prevalent in the industry to stay updated with the latest innovations. This helps us provide our clients with the most cost-effective security performance techniques.

Our officers are the most rigorously screened, well-trained, and closely monitored in the state. Our pre-employment assessments, which include drug screening and psychological testing, result in more failed than successful applicants.

Our services include armed and unarmed officers, tailored to your specific requirements. All our officers have undergone strict screening procedures. However, individuals who are certified as unarmed officers and desire to become armed officers must satisfy supplementary testing and training prerequisites.

Our Uniforms are of the highest quality material and standards available in the industry- they are designed professionally.

Ranger Guard and Investigations have been one of the leading private security companies since 2009. Contact us at 713-357-8225 for services that best fit your needs, or complete a form online.