Public Safety During the Pandemic

As the economic effects of the Coronavirus continue to take their toll throughout Texas, many of the state’s cities try to grapple with the fallout. The state’s larger cities, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, are preparing for their tightest budgets in history. Every city department is being negatively impacted, including public safety.

For example, at the end of April, Houston announced that it would be deferring five police cadet classes. This rescheduling is in addition to the existing 1200 police officer shortage the city is already currently experiencing.

The urgency to protect businesses, the community, and the public has never been greater, not just in Houston but right across the state. This is one of the most substantial consequences of the pandemic, trying to keep the public safe and where Ranger Guard can help.

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Mobile Patrol  

Many members of our Ranger Guard team are former police officers and are well versed in the proper procedures of patrolling and monitoring properties. Regular mobile patrol is one of the services Ranger Guard offers. We use highly-visible vehicles to check on your home, office, or retail space with random visits to ensure criminals are unable to predict our patrol schedule. At Ranger Guard, our patrol officers remain in regular communication with you, the clients providing the most up-to-date information daily, including incident reports, along with photographs of the property.

Armed Guards

In situations where a higher level of security is warranted or needed, Ranger Guard offers armed guard services. Up and until the Corona Virus, requests for armed guards usually came from organizers of sporting events or concerts. However, with a serious police shortage in many parts of Texas, we may very well see an increase in armed guards stepping in areas where police once were.

To ensure our armed guards can perform to the best of their ability on any assignment, Ranger Guard provides the most up-to-date training. All of our team members are provided firearms training and certifications as required in addition to anti-terrorism and defensive tactics, first aid, and CPR.

Ranger Guard

The need for Ranger Guard is as essential now as it has ever been. With city and state public safety budgets in flux, many governments are sacrificing public safety. That’s where Ranger Guard can help. We offer armed guards, mobile patrol, and many other services designed to promote public safety until the adverse effects of the Corona Virus on the economy lessen.

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