Gulf Coast Hurricane Laura and Security

hurricane laura and security solutions - texas state outline with red hurricane shape on gulf coast

             Perhaps the most significant drawback of living close to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico is the annual danger of hurricanes. The arrival of hurricane Laura is no exception. This category four storm will bring with her the potential for damage to Texans’ businesses, homes, and the many other types of devastation that come with this type of natural disaster. But when the storm clouds have cleared, and the rain has stopped, we will rebuild, recover, and be bigger and better in the typical Texas form. That’s where Ranger Guard professional security can help.

Unarmed Security

            Once grocery stores can re-open in the Houston, Galveston , and surrounding area, that’s the first place many people will head there to restock their cupboard shelves. Part of any store’s plan to operate successfully during this type of crisis is to allow a certain amount of people into their establishment at a time. This is to adhere to the social distancing practice that health experts have advised because of Covid-19. It’s also to ensure that people remain calm and don’t panic while in the supermarket.  Ranger Guard’s unarmed security guards can be instrumental in monitoring the lines of customers entering the store. Our guards are extensively trained and, because of that, have the needs of our clients foremost in our minds. Because of that, we’re able to maintain professional standards surpassing any other company in the industry. 

 Beyond ensuring the lines of shoppers enter the store in an orderly and calm manner, Ranger Guard can assist management with customers’ flow inside the supermarket. Our employees are trained in several different procedures, including crowd control. Nowhere is this a more significant factor than present-day as many customers race to grab certain rationed items before they are out of stock at their local Galveston grocery stores. Ranger Guard’s employees are taught how to calm and control unbridled crowds. This alleviates store management (allowing them to focus their efforts on operating the supermarket) and makes it a much more enjoyable experience for customers, thereby ensuring repeat business.

Patrol Services

            While thousands of Texans are cleaning and picking up after hurricane Laura at homes in Galveston, Kemah, and Bolivar, office items, including desktop computers and server room equipment, sit idle in offices everywhere. While it might not seem significant to you, it’s worth a fortune on the black market to the highest bidder. With all the attention focused on the residential recovery from the storm, often commercial offices big and small sitting are overlooked. This gives thieves ample opportunity to loot.

            This is where Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol service would be perfectly suited. It provides business owners with a convenient way throughout the day of monitoring their facilities. Whether you own a business park, office tower, or small store, Ranger Guard will have a clearly marked patrol vehicle visit your property a specified number of times. It will ensure that your commercial business is secured and that no unauthorized person or persons are trespassing.

            Ranger Guard utilizes a high-tech reporting system to track our officers’ patrols. This is filed in a client-access web site, and customers can log into their account to verify the officer’s daily reports. Ranger Guard management will review the information every morning. If any incidents or unusual activity is identified, clients will be notified immediately.

            In the event, our patrol officers cannot drive down streets or enter into buildings due to damage caused by the hurricane, a solution will be reached between you and Ranger Guard. Together we will find a way to monitor and protect your business.

Armed Officers

            As grocery stores re-open after the hurricane, banks and all financial institutions will. This is an industry that often seeks the services of armed security guards. In Texas, security guards that carry guns require the licensing to do so. Many of our armed officers with Ranger Guard are former military veterans or police. All of them have the experience necessary to handle this type of weapon. Before they step foot in any professional setting as a Ranger Guard employee, whether it is a bank or any other financial institution, they undergo our rigorous training. Not only does each guard undergo state-mandated certification courses in how to use a gun, but they also take training classes in patrol techniques, criminal law, defensive techniques, and customer service.

Ranger Guard spells hurricane help.

            Ranger Guard has over 15 years of experience in the private security industry. We are the firm to contact for all of your professional protection needs, whether in Houston, Kemah, or beyond. As we wait to see the extent of the damage that hurricane Laura brings to Galveston, Bolivar and other coastal areas, please keep in mind that Ranger Guard is here to help your business get back on track. We are the professional security firm with armed, vehicle patrol, and unarmed guards designed to assist you during your post-Laura recovery. Call us today!