Executive Protection – Dallas


In today’s uncertain and dangerous world, security cannot be overlooked when it involves protecting high-profile individuals. Since it takes only one person with a perceived grudge to create chaos and possibly a tragic event, more and more companies now take the initiative and hire private security personnel who are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of this specialized type of security. However, since security assignments of this nature are unique in many ways, it is important to know the most important aspects of Dallas executive protection services.

Expert Training

Since these assignments can involve dealing with a variety of possibly dangerous situations, security officers assigned to these details are those who possess the most state-of-the-art expert training in numerous areas of personal security. In most cases, those given these assignments are former police officers and military personnel who have demonstrated an ability to use good judgment and various security skills to protect those around them. Since many situations can develop during these assignments, officers are trained in such areas as defensive tactics, anti-terrorism methods, firearms, defensive driving, emergency communications, advanced first aid and CPR, and many other skills.

Surveillance and Access Control

When on these assignments, executive protection officers must always be very aware of their surroundings and who is in the area near their client. If attention is not paid to the slightest details, disaster can result. Because of this, officers assigned these positions possess training in the latest surveillance methods as well as techniques designed to limit access to their client. In many cases, these clients are involved in gatherings where large crowds are present, which can make providing security that much tougher. Yet by using various techniques to scan a crowd and pinpoint individuals and situations that may pose a threat, private executive protection officers can maintain high levels of safety and security at all times.

K-9 Security

Depending on the situation regarding executive protection, some officers given these security details may also be trained in K-9 security. Especially useful in crowd control and situations where there may be threats of explosives, officers can use highly-trained dogs to not only act as a deterrent to those who may become aggressive against their client, but also to detect explosives or other dangerous devices before a situation can become deadly.

Thoroughly Screened Officers

Along with requiring security personnel who have tremendous experience in various aspects of security, executive protection assignments also require officers who are able to use discretion during their assignments. Since they may see or hear things of a confidential nature, they must be able to use professional judgment during assignments to make sure they can be trusted by their clients. Since one lapse in judgment can result in a loss of trust that can play a key role during a dangerous situation, officers in these assignments are thoroughly screened in many ways. The most common include passing various aptitude tests regarding their security skills and reasoning ability in various scenarios, background checks including employment, education, and personal references, criminal background investigations, and passing drug tests that are often the strictest in the private security industry.

Coordinating Security with Other Agencies

Since executive protection will involve dealing with high-profile clients in many cases, it is imperative officers on these assignments be able to effectively coordinate security with other agencies that may also be participating. This can include schedule coordination, communications, and emergency procedures to enact should a situation develop that puts the client’s life at risk. Whatever the case may be, working well with local police and others is a must to ensure everyone stays safe and sound.

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