Why You Need to Hire a Private Security Company


There are five main reasons to hire a professional security service rather than relying on casual bouncers:

  • Certification 
  • The Latest Training
  • Bespoke Security For Any Situation
  • Specialized Services
  • Budget Appropriate Security

Let’s get into it.



Private security companies must follow security rules and regulations as state and federal law mandates. Security professionals are authorized to act on your behalf to protect your business.
Ranger Guard partners with the Department of Public Safety to ensure all officers meet state and federal licensing and certification requirements. Armed security guards require extensive training and certification in firearms use before getting certified.
These certifications are essential to protect you from legal problems in an emergency involving your security, especially if armed guards are involved. 


The Latest Training

Ranger Guard screens applicants using enhanced background checks, multi-tier drug tests, and security-related aptitude tests before beginning training. We also recruit officers with police or military backgrounds since they have vital security skills and experience we want our staff to possess.

Once passing our rigorous screening process and we have verified their certification status, Ranger Guard officers get additional training.

Our guards are trained in the following:

  • Anti-Terrorism Tactics 
  • Surveillance
  • Patrolling 
  • Defensive Tactics, 
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Criminal Law
  • Emergency Coordination
  • Customer service and communication

Where appropriate, Ranger Guard gives guards extra training according to the assignment. For example, K-9 officers, loss prevention agents, and private investigators receive more specialized assignment-specific training.
Adequate training reduces mistakes. Since you will be placing your safety in the hands of the guards assigned to your site, always find out what training your security company gives guards before signing on the dotted line.


Bespoke Security For Any Situation 

To coordinate a large concert or sporting event, you need event security guards skilled in crowd control, access management, and search procedures. Apartment complex managers need foot patrols, mobile patrols, and guards adept at verbal de-escalation techniques in volatile situations. 

Infrastructure is often crucial. Surveillance and deterrence require setting up a network of cameras, alarms, and staff support infrastructure to monitor them. Office management can mean printing access cards, compiling databases of tiered clearance levels, and setting up locking mechanisms.

Different situations require unique training and experience. An excellent professional security agency will offer armed or unarmed guards, foot and vehicle patrols, video surveillance capabilities, first aid, crowd control, and many more specific services depending on your circumstances.


Specialized Services 

Ordinary guards and equipment may not be enough. K-9 agents are excellent options for patrolling an apartment complex, industrial facility, or office complex or for superior crowd control at special events. Transporting valuables between locations requires armed guards and appropriately protected vehicles. Loss prevention services help retailers suffering from theft. Undercover officers and appropriate surveillance can be used separately or together.
Specialized services mean officers need different skills. Ranger Guard often hires former SWAT team members or Special Operations soldiers for personal privacy protection assignments for celebrities or business people. 

Private security investigators require a different license and can reveal if a spouse is having an extramarital affair, discover which employees are stealing merchandise, or track down who revealed company secrets to a competitor. The state of Texas licenses these investigators, possesses permits to carry a firearm, and can use the latest audio and video surveillance technology to solve complex cases. 

Sit down with your agency to assess your security needs and devise an appointment plan to suit you. A high-quality firm such as Ranger Guard will begin with a security consultation to map out a specific unique security plan tailored to your needs. 


Budget Appropriate Security

If you have hesitated to hire private security because of budget, think again. Ranger Guard is always willing to meet clients where they are financially.
You can get a personalized private security plan with the guards you need at any price point, whether you have $1,000 or $10,000 to spend monthly on security.
More expensive security doesn’t necessarily mean better protection. A quality agency such as Ranger Guard will understand that and plan accordingly.


How Private Security Can Help You

Senseless acts of violence across America in recent years have made people much more aware of security risks. Whether you are a business owner, complex apartment operator, or bar manager, having highly trained professionals on hand brings peace of mind.

Security can increase physical safety, decrease legal liability risks, and smooth the running of an event. Well-trained and courteous security guards can also improve your brand by making your customers, and guests feel safe and welcome in your space.


Why Onsite Security Guards?

No matter how effective cameras, access gates, and other technological forms of security may be, there is no substitute for security officers on the ground at the scene.

A guard onsite at the right time can mean the difference between life and death.
Situations that require onsite guards include:

  • Deterring crime
  • 24/7 personal security for VIPs
  • Escorting troublemakers from businesses
  • Preventing an active robbery
  • Emergencies requiring medical support or emergency service coordination
  • Valuable targets such as banks, museums, or schools

If violence occurs, professional onsite guards have the training and experience to neutralize the threat quickly. An onsite officer can assess those in the crowd who could present a danger or quickly spot dangerous situations and act appropriately to calm things before they turn serious. A professional security guard can control access from a venue entrance, properly search everyone entering the building, and verify their identities.
Sometimes the expectation of an onsite officer is enough to scare off thieves. Thieves know Ranger private security guard patrols protect property but do not know where they are at any given time. This element of surprise makes criminals less likely to steal from or vandalize property.


Often the simple presence of an unarmed security officer can keep everyone safe through deterrence.

Why Choose Ranger Guard?

Whatever services you require, make sure the private security company puts customer service first.
Ranger Guard takes pride in guards who arrive on time well-prepared for their assignment agency-issued clean and pressed police-style uniforms with polished black shoes and neat haircuts.
Supervisors are available to answer any questions a client may have 24/7 and make regular spot checks at assignments. In doing so, they can verify officers are performing their duties efficiently and effectively. Supervisors also ensure proper records are kept and available to the client through our real-time tracking app. These reports have proven critical to many clients in disputes or to share with the police in the event of a crime. Ask your security company to provide references from happy clients. Ranger Guard will be glad to offer them. Check with your local Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney General’s office to make sure there are no pending legal actions against the agency you select.

Ranger Guard will provide a comprehensive list of services and their upfront costs.


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Whatever your security needs, ensure you are protected by an experienced private security company that puts your needs first. Contact Ranger Guard today for a free security assessment and consultation to determine the best plan for you. Our agents are available to discuss your specific situation and an appropriate security strategy for your budget and goals.