Ten Reasons Why Roving Patrol Security is a Better Option

Close up of a roving patrol security car

Whether you manage a large residential housing complex or a massive manufacturing facility, having security on the premises is of the utmost importance. With plenty of issues to deal with each day, the last thing you need to be worrying about is the safety of people and property for whom you are responsible. However, when trying to choose the right security company, you may have little idea what to expect or what services you actually need.

In many cases, the answer is roving patrol security. Combining the latest technology with highly-trained private security officers, this form of patrol security services continues to gain in popularity, offering a highly effective service that deters criminals and offers rapid response capabilities at a very affordable price point.

Here are 10 reasons why this type of security patrol service may be your best option.

1. Constant Vigilance

In some situations, private security personnel may get complacent on the job and stop paying attention, especially on the night shift. With Ranger Guard roving patrol services, that problem is solved. By having officers constantly patrolling from one area of a property or facility to another, there is no time for complacency since each situation is fresh.

2. GPS Tracking

With many security firms, clients have no way of knowing what officers are doing during their shift. At Ranger Guard we make sure this is not the case. By equipping our patrol vehicles with sophisticated GPS tracking technology and implementing routine check-ins throughout a shift, clients will always know the status of security personnel.

3. Highly Visible Presence

When officers are given these assignments, one of the most important functions of roving officers is to maintain a highly visible presence at all times. By constantly moving around a residential complex, manufacturing facility, or other setting, an officer can act as a deterrent to those who may want to commit crimes. Using police-style vehicles, officers can let everyone know they are always on the job.

4. Budget Friendly

If you want professional security services at a price you can afford, roving patrol services from Ranger Guard is for you. Rather than using traditional security services that may cost more, roving patrols offer well-trained officers, constant patrols, and peace of mind at a much lower cost. This is because they visit several sites over the course of a shift, so the cost of protection is split between several businesses. Since criminals never know when the cruisers will show up, deterrence is in effect all the time.

5. No Chance for Idle Time

When an officer works the night shift and has little if any supervision, the result is often a lackluster performance, which can lead to various problems. However, roving patrols eliminate idle time. Since one of the primary roving patrol duties is to constantly move from one area to another, there is little if any time to sit and do nothing.

6. Professional Judgment

While it is important for a security officer to know those who live or work where they patrol, it is also crucial they maintain a professional relationship with everyone in these situations. By using roving patrols, officers will be able to establish relationships with individuals, while at the same time maintaining the ability to use their professional judgment when dealing with various situations.

7. The Best Officers

Since roving patrol assignments require officers who are highly-motivated and skilled in all aspects of security, Ranger Guard always ensures the best officers in our firm are given these assignments. Generally, only those officers who possess years of experience and have proven themselves to be the best of the best are assigned to roving patrols.

8. When Something Doesn’t Seem Right

Due to a roving patrol officer having a familiarity with all areas of a property and those who are there on a daily basis, they will be much better able to quickly sense when something doesn’t seem right. As a result, they can often contact supervisors, law enforcement, or rescue personnel to respond immediately to situations, helping to avert disaster.

9. Monitoring Officer Activity

Rather than simply send a supervisor out to check on a roving patrol officer once during their overnight shift, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses the latest technology to monitor officer activities. This includes GPS alerts and internal vehicle cameras, as well as requirements the officers take photos or videos of areas they patrol.

10. Fast Response

Should a serious situation occur, roving patrol officers from Ranger Guard can instantly respond to a crisis, assess the situation, and use their training and experience to keep everyone safe. Because they are on constant patrol, getting to the scene of a crime, fire, or medical emergency takes very little time.

To learn more about our roving patrol security services and how they could protect your business, contact us today