Special Security Concerns in South Houston

Ranger Guard and Investigations|Special Security Concerns in South Houston

While considered a safe area, South Houston nevertheless has security concerns like any other city. Including prominent areas as The Woodlands and Sugar Land, residents and business owners in this area have few problems when it comes to crime or other issues. However, that does not mean these acts do not occur. Whether it is restaurants such as Mama Ninfa’s or the City Cafe, nearby attractions such as the Johnson Space Center, or any of the other 300 businesses in the area, South Houston and its 17,000 residents realize security concerns must always be addressed to keep everyone safe. To learn more about how Ranger Guard and Investigations can help keep residential and commercial sites as safe as possible, here are some important tips to remember.

Mobile Patrol Services

With South Houston being such a popular place with both residents and tourists, it is only natural that a variety of South Houston security concerns come up on a frequent basis. For the most part, these include property damage, stolen items, and assault and battery. In most cases, these acts occur due to a lack of security presence in an area. To combat this and solve the problem, many local businesses and residential complexes turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations and our South Houston security patrol services. Using highly-trained and experienced officers in clearly-marked police-style vehicles, we are able to help business owners, property managers, and others greatly reduce or eliminate problems associated with vandalism, break-ins, and other illegal acts. In fact, after only using our security services in South Houston for a few weeks, most clients report a drop in illegal activity of as much as 30 percent.

Event and Other Special Security

Whether it is at the Johnson Space Center, San Jacinto Battleground, or other spot in South Houston frequented by tourists and others, it is crucial security officers be on duty whenever possible. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes it a priority to provide an unarmed security officer South Houston clients know will be professional, well-trained, and able to handle whatever situation they may encounter. When it comes to event and other types of special security, unarmed private security officers fill an important role. Along with emphasizing access control to buildings and performing bag searches to ensure no weapons or other illegal items make it into a facility, these officers also help others by giving directions, providing first aid and CPR if needed in a medical emergency, and communicating with first responders should an evacuation become necessary.

Loss Prevention

Due to South Houston having so many retail businesses, loss prevention is one of the biggest security concerns of many local business owners. When theft from these businesses occurs, customers ultimately pay the price, since the costs associated with making up the losses must eventually be passed on by business owners to their customers. To keep this from happening, more and more South Houston businesses now rely on Ranger Guard and Investigations and our experienced and knowledgeable loss prevention officers. Whether visible in police-style uniforms or in plainclothes, these officers are trained in various aspects of surveillance, deescalation techniques, patrol methods, defensive tactics, and criminal law. Since these security situations are unique in that an officer’s judgement is often called into play when pursuing and apprehending a suspected shoplifter or other individual, we make sure only the best officers are given these assignments. In fact, many officers assigned to loss prevention duties in South Houston are those who possess many years of previous law enforcement experience, and have demonstrated an ability to use sound judgement and professionalism at all times.

Armed Guards

In some situations involving local banks, museums, office complexes, manufacturing facilities, and other places in South Houston, it may be necessary to have armed guards on the premises. This is especially important if large sums of money or other valuables are on the premises, since this unfortunately makes these places potential targets for thieves. In addition, many of these places also have large numbers of people working there each day, and may also have many more customers and others coming and going on a regular basis. Rather than put the lives of employees and other innocent people at risk, turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations for assistance. When it comes to security South Houston residents, business owners, and others know to put their trust in Ranger Guard and Investigations. To schedule an assessment of your situation, visit us at or call us at 832-924-8311.