Ranger Guard: A New Orleans Security Service (Louisiana)

Ranger Guard provides licensed, insured, and certified security guards throughout New Orleans. Every one of our highly trained security professionals has been screened to the highest standards and meets all Louisiana state regulations for security guards.

Who We Hire as Ranger Guard Security Officers

We go further than most other security companies in New Orleans to find the best candidates. At Ranger Guard this starts with our recruitment pool. We prioritize military and law enforcement veterans with front line experience. Those individuals have the instincts and training to respond appropriately in live security situations, so we want them protecting our clients.

Because we know that candidate quality makes such a difference in providing a top tier service for our clients, we far exceed the state requirements for pre-employment background investigations.

Once applicants have passed our criminal and other background checks, they undergo various aptitude tests to assess suitability for the high stress role of a front line security guard, as well as a drug screening.