Unarmed Security Guards in Fort Worth, Texas, are responsible for protecting life and property in a variety of settings. They protect government and corporate properties, guard entrances and exits, and monitor for illegal activities. A guard’s primary role is to observe and report all suspicious activity within the Fort Worth area and surrounding areas.  More about Fort Worth, TX can be seen here.


In your customized security solution, you will develop a comprehensive risk assessment covering the physical hazards, psychological risks, and threats to personal safety and property posed by the threat. Your agent will perform standard background investigations, conduct interviews with individuals to obtain information regarding their criminal, legal, and financial history, and perform searches of public records and archives. The Fort Worth Unarmed Security Guards provides many benefits to its Fort Worth residents, including free safety training and equipment, in addition to regular patrol services. The City of Fort Worth offers several community benefits to its Fort Worth residents, such as youth mentoring programs, after-school programs, foreign-language classes, and the Heroes of Fort Worth Awards Program. Click here to read about  An Introduction: Unarmed Security Guards in Fort Worth, Texas.

Once you have completed your risk assessment, you will select several types of Fort Worth Unarmed Security Guards, such as patrol officers, highway patrol officers, courthouse agents, and highway patrol officers. Each of these types of Fort Worth guards has specific skills and responsibilities. Depending on your specific business operations, you will choose a specific type of armed Fort Worth security guard. For example, a courthouse officer is responsible for monitoring the general public and inspecting individuals as they enter and exit buildings. An armed highway patrol officer is responsible for ensuring that individuals traveling on highways are being monitored, while a courthouse officer ensures that individuals in the building are not being arrested for criminal activities.