Unarmed Security Guards are professionally trained guardsmen who are allowed to carry firearms under Texas law. Texas has stringent regulations on the carrying of firearms within the state. It is also strictly prohibited for guardsmen to carry their weapons while at work. Click here for facts about Austin, TX.


In Austin, Texas, unarmed security guards are professionally trained and equipped with the latest gear to provide a high safety and security level to their clients. When hiring unarmed security guards in Austin, it is always best to check if the guardsmen have undergone extensive training either in the classroom or in a refresher course. Security guardsmen who have undergone refresher courses are often more alert and knowledgeable than those guardsmen who have not experienced such training. Guardsmen should also have training in the use of body armor, which is a bullet-resistant vest that guardsmen in Austin can wear. Private businesses and the government employ unarmed security guards in Austin, Texas. As such, they are responsible for maintaining order and safety in the areas they are assigned. It is a thankless job because many people blame them for the bad situations they cause. Click here to read about The Massive Benefits You Can Get from Unarmed Security Guards in Austin, TX.

Unarmed security guards in Austin, TX, also offer protection to individuals, families, and properties. Unarmed security guards are considered peace officers who have the training to react to minimal force situations if warranted. They often make more effective peace officers than police officers because of their skill in safely handling volatile cases. It depends on what type of security services you require and how large the job is. Some positions may require guardsmen to watch outside business establishments, while others may need guardsmen to go to and from home. The number of hours you require will determine the cost that you will incur.