Have Museum Fun in Austin, TX

The truth is that you have endless fun things to do and see in Austin. Whether alone or with the family, you will have endless choices of top museums to keep you in the mood. But on top of the list is a visit to the many museums the town offers. Learn information about Austin, TX.

Blanton Museum of Art

On the University of Texas at Austin campus, and just a short walk from the Harry Ransom Center is one of the most prominent university art museums in the United States: The Blanton Museum of Art. It features mostly American art, though European, Ancient, and Latin American collections are on display. The Blanton typically has five or six special exhibits, ranging from the American Gothic period to landscapes of the American West. Discover facts about Austin, TX is a Nightlife Paradise.

Mexic-Arte Museum

As the name suggests, this museum is dedicated to Mexican and Latin American art and the growing Mexican-American art movement. The space itself is only home to a few permanent collections because Mexic-Arte mainly hosts traveling exhibitions. From full-size Day of the Dead sculptures to interactive art, the exhibits at Mexic-Arte Museum are inspired and original. Also, make sure to take a gander at the walls of the museum itself.