The Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service (UUAS) is a voluntary group formed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 2021. This is an organization that is focused on protecting the lives and safety of all Austin residents and visitors within the city limits. They are a great resource to the police force within the greater Austin area. Learn information about Austin, TX here.


If you have ever served in the Austin police department or any other Texas law enforcement agency, you may want to think about becoming involved with the Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service. This volunteer group is free to join, and they provide an enormous benefit to the Austin Police Department and the other local police agencies that they serve. Why? First, it is an excellent opportunity for training and exposure to new ideas and strategies for training. Also, by helping to make Austin a safer city overall by providing additional public relations when the police department has events such as the Taste of Austin, the Police Carnival, the South Austin, Texas Beer Fest, the Austin Film Festival, the Austin Jazz Festival, the B Austin Book Festival, and other events, the Austin Texas Unarmed Officers Service will have a positive impact on the image of the Austin Police Department both within the community and statewide. Discover facts about  The Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service – What You Can Expect.

You can help the Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service by contacting your local police agency or office today and let them know that you want to join. You can be confident that they will understand that you are interested in working with them to protect the citizens of Austin. The good news is that there is no cost to be a part of this organization, and you don’t have to wait to become part of it. Even if you are not considering becoming a part of the Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service but are considering getting involved with Austin, Texas Police Department due to the numerous positive public relations events that they have hosted, you can be sure that you will not regret it at any time in the future. In the end, by helping to make Austin a safer place to live and visit, you are also helping out the Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service and giving them a reason to smile day in and day out. It is a service that will not be forgotten and will always be appreciated by those sworn to serve and protect.