Ranger Guard and Investigations is an Austin based security company that specializes in providing Austin residents with the peace of mind they need. Austin has always been known as a safe city, but recent events have shown that this may not be true anymore. Ranger Guard and Investigations offer home alarm systems, business security services and even personal protection for your family or employees. They offer 24-hour monitoring and emergency response teams to make sure you’re always protected from the unexpected. Information can be found here.

The Ranger Guard and Investigations team are the best in Austin, TX. We provide 24/7 monitoring and emergency response to keep you safe from any threats or emergencies. Let Ranger Guard and Investigations handle your business in a more secure environment. See here for information about Austin Security Services to Protect Your Business.

Austin is a city that attracts all sorts of people. Many come with large families, looking for good schools and plenty of green space in which their children can play–but these are also the very same things that make Austin such an inviting target to those who would do harm. The Austin Police Department offers many different programs for residents but there’s one you may not have heard about before called Neighborhood Watch Programs. These neighbourhood watches help patrol neighbourhoods at night by walking around on foot or car patrols when they’re available, watching out for suspicious activity, answering 911 calls as backup if needed, helping citizens deal with situations unfamiliar to them (i.e. traffic accidents), and reporting any lost children or pets they may encounter, among other things (see Austin Police Department for more).