Shavano Park, TX is a small city in the southern portion of San Antonio and home to a little over 5,000 people. Shavano Park, TX is situated on the northern bank of Mission Creek with about half its area lying in Bexar County. Shavano Park, Texas was developed as one of fourteen suburban communities by Alonzo Horton who also founded Shreveport, Louisiana. Information can be found here.

If you are looking for places to explore in Shavano Park, Texas then check out all the parks they have here – there’s one right next door that has soccer fields as well as basketball courts; a couple blocks away is another park with playgrounds including a swing sets and slides where kids will definitely love. See here for information about Balcones Heights, Texas: A Guide to the City.

Shavano Park also has a library, Shavano Park Library and Community Center. The Shavano Park Historical Museum is open every Saturday from noon-to-four pm with free admission. There you can learn all about Shreveport’s history in the 1800s when it was founded on Alonzo Horton’s land. They have artifacts like old clothing pieces or shoes that show how people lived back then. And they even have an original log cabin where early settlers to this region resided until Shreveport became their permanent home.