Bellaire, Texas is the second-largest city in Texas and is the third-largest city in the State of Texas. Bellaire is the largest industrial city in Texas and is a port city on the Gulf of Mexico. The port of Bellaire is the second largest seaport in Texas and the second-largest harbor in Texas. It also has the tallest building in Texas, the Bellaire Towers. It is also the fastest-growing metropolitan city in Texas. Learn more here.

There are many things for people to do and see in Bellaire, Texas. The most important thing to do in Bellaire is to visit the Bellaire City Limits. This is where the international airport is located along with Bellaire International Airport, a significant departure point for international flights into Bellaire. Other prominent attractions here are Bellaire State Park, Bellaire City Pool Facility, and the Bellaire Historical Society. Learn more about West University Place, Texas  is a Great Place For Any Kind Of Vacation.

You can find more activities in Bellaire, Texas if you do not want to do tours and travel. There are lots of fun places to do in Bellaire including: golfing and country clubs, boating, swimming, and much more. If you are looking for Texas attractions in Bellaire, you can also find several attractions in nearby Houston like the Astrological Science Center at Houston Museum of Natural History, Hobby Lobby Shopping Center, and Texas Children’s Hospital. These and other great attractions make Bellaire, Texas a wonderful place to spend your vacation.