The majority of police forces in America maintain a fleet of unarmed patrol cars and unarmed officers on duty at any given time. It’s an unfortunate reality that unarmed police officers are sometimes needed to intervene in dangerous situations. But unarmed officers’ services can be challenging to find, especially when these services are required on short notice. When you’re looking for unarmed officers’ services, use one of the following three methods: When unarmed officers’ services are needed on short notice, a call to one’s local police department will usually do the trick. When you need unarmed officers’ services, one option is to contact a call center specializing in unarmed patrol services. Some call centers can dispatch unarmed officers anywhere in the country within hours. Visit this link for more information.

Private security companies can be hired for any type of unarmed patrol service, including providing unarmed guards at one’s home or business and unarmed drivers for transporting valuable goods such as jewels and electronics. Private security companies also offer unarmed officers’ services, and these unarmed officers can be dispatched to any location in the United States within 24 hours. Private security companies provide unarmed officers at a higher cost than unarmed patrol cars and unarmed officers on duty with a police department because they are usually highly trained and undergo additional training at the direction of the private security company they work for. To make your home stand up well in a fire, you should take some time to research what type of unarmed officers’ services are available to you. Read about Expert Guide to Unarmed Officer Services here.